5 Self-Care Ideas in Nature

Nature is f****** awesome…

Seriously- not only is just so damn pretty to be around, it’s been scientifically proven to cultivate mindfulness, reduce stress, and re-charge your mind and body!

Not bad for a cheap therapist, eh? 

So I wanted to share some ideas on how you can spend some of your downtime with nature, and get some of those feel good vibes!

Be With Your Tribe:

If being amongst company is how you re-charge best- grab the fam, friends, and head on out! 

Studies show that being around nature enhances our moods- and we all know laughter is the best kind of medicine…

So blaze a trail with a pub lunch finish line! Make some amazing selfie-memories with the goats at a petting zoo! Explore your home town like you’re tourists for the day! 

Go outside, and play! 

Meditate With Music:

I love meditating- but some days I really struggle quieting my mind…

On those days, where it’s going a thousand miles an hour with no intention of stopping- 

I whack on a playlist, settle down in my favourite outdoor spot and imagine music videos along with the song I’m listening to… 

Being outdoors helps me relax easier- where I can go into a day dream and rest, whilst giving my brain something other to do than bombard me with negativity… 

It gives me a chance to reflect too. 

Often I’ve remembered reoccurring themes in my day dream- which, with a little bit of digging, point me in the direction of what had my mind going haywire in the first place!  

Walking Meditation:

Meditation isn’t always about stillness! 

There’s an app that I love to use- Simple Habit, that has a wealth of meditations! Including ones for walkies! 

(And that’s just the free subscription)

On your stroll, you’ll listen to a guide that encourages you to interact with your surroundings; what you can see, smell, hear- that kinda thing. 

They’re such a great, easy way to get the blood pumping and happy hormones flowing! Perfect for those days I want a little me time, but don’t want to get into something as heavy like…


Okay, so this one is a more weather permitting scenario- well, unless you’ve got a covered patio or something (I had a cave for a while)…

Yeah… Many an afternoon with a picnic, a thermos full of tea, cuddly blankets and my journal were spent curled up next to the fire, the only sounds being the crackling of the flames, scratching of the pen, and occasional crinkle of a page being turned. 


Nature has been proven time, and time again to enhance our attention spans, and gives a wonderfully peaceful backdrop to concentrate- which is why I take my journalling outside on the days I really want to dig deep and tackle some of life’s harder questions…

Bring Nature Inside:

When I lived in the city, I had a great Sunday putting together a little indoor nature spot for me to relax in on the rainy days…

I’d bought some hard to kill plants and set up a cosy spot next to the window, where I did everything from reading, journalling, meditating- or, just simply sitting in it, watching the world go by through the glass. 

Having a go-to place in my home where I could unwind and distance myself from the distractions around it, really helped make those self-care moments that bit more indulgent…

What about you? How do you like to spend your self-care moments- would you ever give on of these a try? 

2 thoughts on “5 Self-Care Ideas in Nature

  1. I absolutely love music. It speaks to me in ways words cannot. I’ve read about walking meditation and am planning on giving it a try. Journalling has been huge for my self-care.
    I also love taking photos of beautiful sunsets, landscapes that are breathtaking, and being outdoors. I scrapbook my photos so it’s my “me time” project. Adult coloring books and reading have been relaxing to me.
    Thanks for the great tips.


    1. What a beautiful collection of self-care tools! I’m with you on absolutely all of them! And I love how you blend them together as well- like scrapbooking the photos you take- this is definitely on my list to start doing- my phones getting a bit too full!

      Thank you for stopping by and reading!


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