Winter is Coming…


I bolted up in bed to see the traces of a white snake streak through the skies. 

Clouds of raging colours swirled overhead- their black, grey, and deep purple underbellies straining with the rain they’d lugged across the mountain.


Our little roulotte quaked as the storm roared again. This time, it was my fiance who bolted upright…

“What is it?” He asked dreamily, stifling a yawn. 

“I think it’s gonna rain…” 

“Oh!” He smiled as he snuggled back down under the duvet. “At least the plants will be happy!” 

As though it had been listening- with another resounding crack that split the skies in two, rain began hammering on our door. 

For a moment, at the sight of the olive trees bouncing their branches with excitement, rain pelting the ground so hard droplets bounded off in every direction leaving a path of ripples in their wake, and hearing the sighs and creaks of the little roulotte as the dust of summer was washed away- I lost myself…



A freezing cold shiver ran up my leg- then another, and another- 

“Oh s***” 

As I fumbled around for the light, my fiance’s muffled voice sounded out from under the duvet again- “you okay?”

“I think, we’re leaking…” I shone the light around the cabin as he propped himself up to begin his own inspection. 

“Here!” We shouted in unison- he pointed to the makeshift roofing above the broken skylight, me at the gap in the makeshift windows next to the bed. 

There was a mad dash for buckets, a waterproof sleeping bag, and then, with a brave face, my fiance dashed out into the morning in nothing more than a coat and my flip-flops to shut the remaining windows, and attempt to seal the roof somehow. 

“And save the figs!”  He yelled over the rain, scrambling to find anything to cover the bench they’d been drying out on. 

“Are you sure you’d don’t need help?” I called back- wondering just what the hell I’d wear on my feet now my flip-flops we’re already outside. 

With the rest of my shoes- damn it…

Once leak-proof, we settled back down into bed to wait out the storm. 

With my head on his chest, I counted his heartbeats between the streaks of light and valley shaking booms, lulling myself back into a sleepy stupor, when a sudden thought popped into my head. 

Winter is coming…

Which means there’s a tonne of stuff that needs doing! (Like fixing the roof for one)

And creating some kind of system to collect rainwater! 

What I’m most excited for though, is to start planning and preparing the garden! It’s crash course time- and my first ever grow since the tomatoes back at my Gramps in the 90’s…

But, I’m a dream big kinda gal.

I’m already thinking alongside our food and herbs, of planting the beginnings of a mental-health and first-aid garden! Filled with plants to help you feel good and get well! 

Omg- then there’s the chickens! 

Not to mention the load of up-cycle projects that’s sprawled out under an olive tree right now… 

I will have my outdoor living room ready for next summer!

Yeah… I should probably go get started.

See you next post!

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