Kindness Inspired Journal Prompts

World Kindness Day is tomorrow… And this year I’m honouring it a bit differently. 

This year, I’m reminding myself that the authentic kindness that this day aims to inspire in me toward others-

Only happens when I am being authentically kind to myself. 

Otherwise, we get into a whole other dimension of mental hoodoo with the traps and pitfalls of being kind from dishonest places…

Perhaps another blog post for another time…

But for now, I’ll be snuggling up with a delicious cup of tea, my journal, and this little series of prompts I put together, that will help us explore what kindness means to us, and figuring out how we’re being unkind to ourselves- and by default, others…

1. What Does Kindness Mean To You? 

How do you define kindness? What makes someone kind?

2. How Do You Feel When You Are Shown Kindness?

When someone does something nice for you, what do you feel?

3. How Do You Show Kindness To Others? 

List the ways you are kind, the good deeds you do etc.

4. Do You Show This Same Kindness To Yourself? 

If not, why do you do this? 

5. Would You Say You Treat Yourself With Kindness?

In the every day, or in the problems and hiccups life throws at you- If not, why not?

6. What Do You Think of The Idea…

That how we treat ourselves, impacts on how we ultimately treat others? Why do you think this way? 

7. Think Back To…

A handful of kind things you do, or have done for another- be it smiling at a stranger on the street, or giving a friend money, or helping out a cause…

List what they are, then ask yourself why did you do those things? 

We’re they done because you truly wanted to help out? 

Or we’re there other motives behind the wheel- 

Like fears of judgement, confrontation, or rejection if you didn’t do this kind thing? 

Or hoping that by doing so, the recipient would now owe you something- like a debt of gratitude, favours, or money? 

Or that the cause would change because of your involvement? 

Look at the reasons you gave for these kind deeds. Being 100% honest with yourself, do you think these reasons were made with healthy intentions- 

Being reasons that made you feel good, and honoured what you really wanted to do in that moment? 

Or are they from unhealthy intentions? Once made through fear, or placing our wellbeings into the hands of something we can’t control? 

How Did You End Up Feeling About That Kind Deed? 

Did you walk away feeling like you gave it your all for nothing? Or underappreciated- or resenting yourself, or the situation for feeling like this? 

Or did you feel good? Even if it didn’t go well, you still walked away feeling happy you got to help, and found gratitude from doing so- with no expectations? 

8. How Are You Unkind To Yourself? 

What are the horrible stories you trick yourself into believing about yourself? How do you treat yourself unkindly in the everyday? 

What Would You Say To A Loved One…

If they were talking about themselves in the same way? What would kind things would you encourage them to do? 

10. What Can You Do Starting Now…

That you can incorporate into your everyday life, that reminds you to show a little kindness to yourself? Journalling? Doing stretches instead of scrolling when you wake? Happy post its around the mirror? Get creative! 

I hope you manage to dig a little deeper into cultivating kindness within your life through these prompts! 

You can save the questions below if you want to try them later! 

I’d love to hear if you found these useful at all! Let me know in the comments!

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