#5 Self-Love Journal Prompts

Woah! Where did the time go?

I can’t believe we’re at the time of year I said I’d start working on January’s Journal Series!

If you missed it, earlier this year I released a free, 30-day journal series; packed full of prompts, tools, meditations, and ideas on re-connecting with yourself- for those times you feel off-track and need some insight and structure to get back to where you want to be again-

And although I’d actually created it just for me, I had so much fun putting it together, I ended up re-vamping the entire thing into a guided journal prompt e-book that both of us could enjoy!

Since this years was about cultivating a deeper mindfulness and awareness of yourself- I’m thinking, maybe, next years focus could be on self-love? Taking some time out in our day to appreciate ourselves, our life, and all the things we do to keep it going-

I don’t know, what do you think?

Anyway… Series or not, there’s never a better moment than right now to remember to take a little time in appreciating ourselves! So grab your journals, and let’s settle in for some self-love time!

#1: What are 3 things you appreciate about yourself?

Go deeper with: Why do you appreciate these things about yourself? Why are these qualities so important to you?

#2: What are 3 things you appreciate about your life?

Go deeper with: Why do you appreciate these things? What is it about them that makes them so special to you?

#3: List all the little things you love about life in general:

For instance: The smell of a freshly brewed coffee from your favourite cafe, the sun-light peeking through the curtains and warming your room in a morning…

Go deeper with: Getting really descriptive- bonus points for taking a moment to imagine these things before writing them down!

#4: What makes you feel good about yourself?

Go deeper with: Why do these things make you feel this way? What is it about them that makes them so special?

#5: What do you need, to feel supported and nourished throughout your day?

For instance: I need x amount of hours rest, or a five minute break to myself…

Go deeper with: How do you currently support these needs? Do you think how you fulfil them is unhealthy, or healthy toward your overall well being in the long-run? Why?

(You can find all these prompts- well, variants of them, in the 30-day Journal Series!)

And remember, you don’t have to do these all in one go! If you’re pressed for time today- every day, you can screenshot (or pin) the list below and try doing just one a day! You can even keep coming back to them multiple times throughout that day too as and when things float through your mind!

Journaling fits around you! Not the other way around!



I’m Q. My mission is to grow out of my stuffy plant-pot, and figure out how to live a healthy, happy, and conscious life on this unstable floating rock in space through the pages of journals and the nurturing of nature. Read more of my story here…

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