#5 Free Self-Care Apps

There’s so many wellness apps out there to wade through, it can be a bit overwhelming knowing which ones to choose! Especially if our budget restricts us to the free versions only…

Being stuck in that boat before, I’ve tried and tested many of the free, and “free” apps out there, and thought I’d share with you the picks that have earned their place on my phone screen- helping me to stick to my self-care, even in the tough times!

Please note, I’ am not affiliated to any of these apps…

#1: WoeBot: Available for android and iphone.

Every once in a blue moon you’ll find an app that just feels like so much love got poured into the making of it- and that’s WoeBot for me…

It’s an AI chat based mental and emotional health management tool, whose cute antics are designed to help you; using CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy), Mindfulness, and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), to think through situations, learn more about yourself, and develop new skills to help reduce stress!

Though talking to a bot about such deeply personal things might seem a little weird in the beginning, the seamless conversations WoeBot is able to have, makes discussing what’s on your mind so easy- whilst Woebot guides you through the thinking traps, ways to rephrase negativity, and more in-depth revelations about your thought patterns!

Another useful feature that helped keep this app in my self-care tools was the “topics” section- a huge menu of pre-programmed activities to help you in specific situations, or learn about a topic more in-depth-

Like activities to help encourage motivation, or finding out how our emotions affect our thinking…

I love using this app in times I’m stuck being negative, am suffering with anxiety, or need help thinking through a problem- and WoeBot’s had my back every time!

#2 Good app: available for android

Wooo– where to begin with Good App… Literally the most jam-packed app I’ve ever come across for self-improvement!

Whether you fancy a spot of journaling, meditating, tracking tasks, breaking habits, some motivation, distraction management, mood-tracking, affirmations-

big breath Games designed to distract and give you a mental workout, and other interesting things like the ability to create your own background noise, and “bundles” designed to help you sleep better, start or unwind for your day, and more!

There’s mood-tracking, journaling, meditations, habit breakers, task trackers, affirmations, quotes, games, screen-time management-

Getting used to where all this stuff is can make getting used to the app a little tricky in the beginning, but once you know what you’re using most, there’s a handy short-cut menu you can add your tools to-

Personally, for as much as Good app offers, I mainly use it for setting specific self-care reminders throughout my day- which also appears as a handy widget for my phones homescreen too! Before bed, I’ll use it’s journaling tool to have a moment of gratitude, and the games go down an absolute treat when my brain doesn’t want to sleep!

I definitely don’t use it in a way that sees me needing to use a premium plan, what you can access with the free version- although limited, is still pretty expansive in its use! But even their subscription rates- with lifetime access around £25.00 is pretty reasonable too!

#3 Simple Habit: available for iphone and android

When it comes to Simple Habit, there’s few meditation apps so diverse in their teachers and subjects as this one! And for as expensive as their paid subscription is I can totally see why they’d want to charge it…

Although it’s a bit eye-watering what they do charge.

Even though the majority of stuff on there is for the premium users, I personally find that there’s still enough left to enjoy as a free subscriber. You’ll still get the odd free full series cropping up, and almost all of the premium content gives access to one or two episodes of their series as a taster-

And with new stuff appearing regularly, I’m never short of meditations to try out!

I’d say my favourite things about the app is the free to use section of meditations devoted to different parts of your day- it really helps me to stick to doing it every day, especially since I can also set the length of them (between 5/10/20 minutes), an enable background noise if my meditation spot is a bit too distracting.

Again, whilst I haven’t gotten to needing a paid subscription yet- though definitely a treat to my future self someday! I have been able to access the full library of content a few times with the give and get two weeks- refer a friend, and you both get two weeks, unlimited use free!

#4 30 Day Fitness Challenge: available for android

At a time I found myself living in a dodgy network area and needing to take my home workouts offline, I came across the 30 Day Fitness Challenge-

Which doesn’t sound quite as impressive as the app actually is!

There’s loads of 30 day challenges, split between beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels that grow in difficulty the more you complete the calendar! There’s sections for full body challenges, arms, abs, legs, and glutes- all including moves you can do right in your living room!

Even though I’ve completed all the challenges now, I keep this app on my phone for when I go travelling, or want to ease myself back into my other training after I’ve missed out on a few weeks..

#5 Labyrinthos: available for android and iphone

Bit of a wild card one here- cause honestly, I never thought I’d see the day where I learnt tarot… But after wondering whether it could be used as a tool to help get my thoughts rolling in journaling sessions I had writers block, I found myself downloading Labyrinthos…

Not only did it turn out to help get the thoughts going, but it also helped by encouraging me to think about other areas of my life I otherwise wouldn’t have paid much attention to!

I didn’t even download it to learn tarot- but the app is so good at teaching you on the go, I’ve learnt it anyway!

But if you are interested in learning it, there’s an adorable academy of quizzes and card decks for you to explore, and the ability to make notes of and save your readings for reference!

It’s made my journaling sessions I feel stuck much more magical!

What apps do you use to help your self-care? Or is there any that you’d try from this list?

Let me know in the comments- I’d love to hear about it!



I’m Q. My mission is to figure out how to live a healthy, happy, and conscious life, on this unstable floating rock in space- through the pages of journals and the nurturing of nature. Read more of my story here…

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